We are Fibre Developers…

A Fibre Developer creates, imagines, controls, and orchestrates the process of project development from the beginning to end. This includes organising the finance, technical design, construction and operation of the network.

We’ve amassed decades of FTTH experience across the team. We ask the right questions and use our experience to mitigate/overcome the myriad choices and issues that typically can affect FTTH projects. For example:

  • Early capex per home passed can be up to four times the long run average. You can reduce this learning effect, but you need to be prepared for it too

  • Early penetration will be very country specific. We’ve seen 75% in 18 months in one of our projects but when the non-experts in a big-name firm suggested 80% penetration of homes passed in the first year in a European country, we knew it was both wildly optimistic and very wrong.

  • Resources cannot be assumed to be perfect for a project. In two projects with electricity companies, their duct and poles seemed great for FTTH but gaps in ducts meant we realised significantly more work would be required than a superficial analysis would suggest. Up to 20% of poles in a US area need to be replaced as they cannot take the new cables.

  • Where should you build and where should you avoid?

  • Where should you build first when you’ve decided on the project footprint? Well

  • How do you make your competitors cooperate with you rather than try to overbuild your network or compete hard with you?

Our experience and structured approach means we know how to overcome the issues above and around another 100 potentially critical errors we have identified over the course of more than 100 FTTH projects on four continents.

Developing new FTTH projects

We have built FTTH projects and operations and continue to do so across the World. The current pipeline is 14 projects at various stages of development on four continents. A number of these we have developed from scratch ourselves.

When we are creating a new project, we look to create significant competitive advantages for these projects based around:

  • unique access to assets (e.g. electricity, rail, water networks)

  • leveraging limited assets (e.g. telecom licenses)

  • exploiting new regulations and policies

  • finding attractive but under-served areas

  • avoiding over-competitive areas

  • recruiting the right team

  • avoiding common mistakes

We work with finance partners to fund and then operate these projects.

Helping improve, speed and finance upexisting projects ->> Helping improve, speed up and finance existing projects

Where a project is underway, we can supercharge the development, provide the credibility and detailed business analyses/cases to move the project to being fully fundable.

Get in touch if you’d like to discuss how we can help.

ContAct Us

Matching finance sources and solutions to opportunities

We have a pipeline of great projects for infrastructure style investment through to a range of debt/equity/project finance options etc.

We currently have 14 different ways in which we can help or fully fund projects and a range of different sources across the US, Europe, Africa and the Far East.

For funds and other investment vehicles, we can help match your money to the right project.